Cambrian Software (UK) Ltd

Cambrian Software (UK) Ltd was set up in 1995 to continue with the development and support of the Camsoft payroll and accounting software sold by Cambrian Software Ltd.

Originally based in Porthmadog in Gwynedd, North Wales, the business is now based in Pwllheli. This is a centuries old market town on the coast of the beautiful Lleyn Peninsula.

The Camsoft range of software started life on the old Amstrad PCW range, back when PCs were an expensive business tool. Over the years PCs became more powerful and less expensive and machines like the PCW became obsolete.

We have customers all over the UK who have benefitted from our software, particularly the Camsoft Payroll. In recent years there has been a considreable increase in PAYE regulation and with the move to online services, it looks like this trend will continue. We aim to provide customers with products which will help them deal with these changes, without increasing their workload.

Any business will have to deal with statutory regulations and when an enterprise is spending more time with statutory matters rather than attending to it's business - that is not good. Hopefully our products can relieve some of that burden and allow our customers to concentrate on their products and sevices.

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