ProfitMaker 4

Complete Accounting Package for PCs

ProfitMaker 4 is a fully integrated Accounting, Invoicing and Stock Control package.
This package has been developed over the years and version 4 is the latest incarnation. The invoicing module was completely re-written for this version, making it easier to edit the various components of a document. New facilities which were added include a Bank Reconciliation feature and also the ability for handling of Standing Orders, a routine which allows automatic payments to be posted. ProfitMaker is comprised of the following modules:-


Although this module is mostly concerned with invoicing, it does much more. This module produces the normal credit sales invoices, dispatch notes to accompany them and also cash invoices, quotations and credit notes. The documents are printed when complete and stored in a file. This enables them to be printed again at a later date.

Stock Control

This is a full featured module which offers far more than run of the mill stock recording facilities. The ProfitMaker enables you to have control over your stock, not just recording of stock descriptions and levels. There are many types of figures kept which provide the detailed reports needed to keep accurate stock control easily.

Sales & Purchase Ledgers

Both of these ledgers are very similar in operation to each other, one being the 'mirror image' of the other. Various options have been introduced such as the ability not to print audit trails while posting. Also there are facilities which make it easier to call up account references. New to these ledgers are standing orders which allow regular payments to be posted automatically either daily, weekly, monthly or on a certain date.

Nominal Ledger

The nominal ledger is strictly a double-entry system with postings being made automatically from the other ledgers or the invoicing module. Postings can also be entered directly with posting routines provided. These routines include both Cash Book Receipts and Expenses (with VAT calculation) and standard nominal Journal entries. New to these routines are features which allow easier editing of a page of entries, minimising errors. There is also a Bank Reconciliation feature, which allows postings to be kept until they have been reconciled (e.g. with a bank statement) before clearing them. Also a bespoke report facility has been added to provide any detailed analysis the user may require which is not already provided. Through this, individual reports can be generated specifically for your business.

Following are just some of the features of the software :-

If you require any further information we would be glad to answer your questions. The cost of the ProfitMaker system is £275 + VAT (£323.13) which would include a master disk, printed manual and 12 months Camsure technical support.

Further Camsure Support for this product is priced at £150 + VAT (£176.25) for 12 months.

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