RTI - Real Time Information.

As of April 2013 all employers are required to file ALL their PAYE transactions online with HMRC.

All you need is an internet connection on the PC where you use the CAMSOFT Payroll and the information can be sent directly from the Payroll.

Picture of the online filing data

Every time you pay an employee the payslip needs to be transmitted to HMRC.

These submissions are quick and easy to make. They will also include all your other important PAYE information - new employees, employees leaving and details of any statutory payments such as SSP or SMP.

As a result of RTI the administration of PAYE should become easier for employers. There will no longer be a rush to make End Of Year returns as all the information will have already been sent to HMRC. And employers will no longer have to wait until months after the end of the Tax Year for HMRC to sift through infomation in the event of queries.

The CAMSOFT Payroll makes this an easy process to implement.


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