Payroll without Limits

Run it on any Windows PC

The Camsoft Payroll will work on any PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Multiple PAYE Schemes

If you need to process pay for more than one PAYE Scheme (Employer) that is no problem. It is very easy to set up multiple Employers within the Camsoft Payroll.

Plain Paper Payslips and Reports

Any printer will do. Everything is printed out on to plain A4 paper, including fully detailed, professional payslips. You won't need any special paper or fancy features.

An Internet Connection

For RTI Submissions you will need an internet connection. But ANY form of connection will do. Even if you live in an area with patchy broadband availability, it really is no problem. Even a dial-up connection would work. The submissions themselves don't take that long and that is the only time you must be connected.


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