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CAMSOFT Payroll really does make it that easy. This is a proven solution, recognised by HMRC, which is being used successfully by employers all over the UK.

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CAMSOFT Payroll has all the above and much more.

ONLY £140 + VAT (£168.00) Including full technical support.

For just £140 + VAT (£168.00) you get the CAMSOFT Payroll. This would include the master disk, printed manual and also 12 months of Camsure Support. With support we will provide all the help you'll need and all upgrades or changes to the software.

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The CAMSOFT Payroll is now in its 22nd version for the PC. A new version is released usually for a new tax year so you can see that it's been around for quite a while. It is a program that will handle all the PAYE needs of any small to medium sized business, anything from SSP to pensions. CAMSOFT Payroll is written in accordance with the Inland Revenue's Guides for Software Developers.

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12 Months Camsure Support £110 + VAT (£132.00).

After the first 12 months we will automatically offer a further 12 months of support including again any upgrades necessary during that period. For one payment annually you can make sure that your Payroll is kept up to date with changes to legislation and that all the help you need is just a phone call away.

£110 + VAT (£132.00), which is less than 36p a day. Less than the cost of a newspaper to ensure that you have up to date tools for dealing with your PAYE.

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